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February 2017 Cause Awareness Schedule

Plan your February 2017 awareness events with help with Here is a list of causes that are making their awarenesses the focus in February 2017.

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Congratulations! It’s an Army Veteran!

Today is Veterans Day, the day set aside for us to say thank you to all the military men and women who serve our country.  This year, I have a very special story to share with all of you.  Stay with me on this because, at first, it may not seem like a Veterans Day story, but it is.

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A little history about the Blue Star Service Banner

A couple weeks ago, there was a little hullabaloo on Twitter about Senator Tim Kaine’s Blue Star Service Banner lapel pin that he wore during the Democratic National Convention. He wears it in honor of his son, First Lt. Nathaniel Kaine, who is a Marine infantry officer. It was mistaken for a different country’s flag by the North Carolina Republican Party who has since apologized for their remarks on Twitter. A response tweet from WNYT reporter Ben Amey setting the record straight went viral explaining that what the lapel pin was (you can find more about the exchange in this ABC 11 article).

This situation brought up a good point. What is the etiquette regarding this special banner? Here’s what I’ve learned about how the Blue Service Star Banner came to be and how it should be displayed or worn by families with members serving in our military.

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Animals Need Your Voice

Everyone here at SupportStore has a cause or two that we hold close to our hearts. For our Jessica Chipkin, it’s animal welfare. We asked her to take a moment to share her passion for this cause as we introduce our new I Buy Cruelty-Free Animal Abuse Purple Wristband.

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Prince Purple

Purple PrinceI live in Minneapolis St. Paul area, home of Prince and Paisley Park. I have been trying to figure out why it seems the whole world lit up in purple to honor this musician from Minnesota.

His musical talents and life’s work clearly earned him deserved accolades. But I think his early death happened at just a time when the nation, and the world, desperately seek something in common to rally around. There is divisiveness and polarization on so many issues.  Celebrating the life of a super talented musician with a body of work that touches lives all around the world is something that fills that need, right now.

Thus the purple lights in Paris, Australia, London, New York, Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco and so many other places.  Thus pictures of Prince on the front page of almost every major newspaper in the USA. Thus the ongoing coverage of his life and friends and charity work and music.  And the personal connection so many feel to Prince and his music.

I’ve been listening to Prince all weekend on the XM streaming channel 50. I own an album or two, but didn’t count myself as a big fan. But seeing the impact of his life I can’t help but be in awe.

It is an inspiration and reminder to follow your dreams, use your God given talents to their fullest, and to create and contribute what you can to the world while you are here. This, we can agree on. – Ron


Colonoscopies Save Lives

Oh the colonoscopy. The word alone makes some people cringe. But this one screening can make, literally, a lifetime of difference for the person who has it.

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Your place for holiday car magnets

‘Tis the season to decorate for the holidays! Why limit your decorations to your house, both inside and out? Celebrate the season with our selection of car magnets that are not only great for decorating your car but are also fabulous for decking out your office white board, file cabinets, school lockers, refrigerators and more!

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Your Guide to Autumn Cause Awarenesses


With 44 days left of summer, we’re already looking ahead to the many cause awareness months coming up in the fall. The weather is ideal in both the spring and the fall for outdoor events but the autumn, by far, seems to be the most popular time for many causes to draw awareness.

Here is a quick reference guide to the cause awareness events taking place in September, October and November.  Click on the name of the cause awareness to see what products SupportStore has to help you spread the awareness with wristbands, lapel pins, ribbon magnets, and more.

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Protect Against Skin Cancer

It’s Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Every year, more than 3.5 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed with 90% of those cases being caused by the sun’s UV rays. Do you know how to protect yourself from sun damage?

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Oscars highlight several cause awarenesses

Awareness was a big part of the Academy Awards last night. It was great to see how many used their time to shout out what they cared about. Here were just a few.

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