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Add Your Cause Gift Wishes to Your Online Holiday Wish List

It’s that time of the year where many are planning their holiday gift giving budgets. This year, why not make a list of causes you’d like to show your support for?  Take a few minutes and update your MyGiftster gift wish list so people will know what presents will truly light up your holiday and support the causes you care about the most.

Click Here to Make Your Free Gift Wish List Today
Click Here to Make Your Free Gift Wish List Today, a sister site of Support Store’s, is simply a free, online gift wish list registry that helps families effectively purchase gifts without the stress and anxiety of asking “what should I get you.” This way, you can give and get gifts that matter most.

You can make your thoughts count even more if you add your favorite Support Store products on to your list.  Remember — 10% of our profits go to the causes they represent.

Or, if you prefer, you can even list links to your favorite charities where people can make donations.  If the gift giver still wants to have something for you to open for the holidays, they can include a wristband or ribbon magnet in their gift.  They will have made a donation and a purchase where a portion of the proceeds will also go to charity.

While MyGiftster is a great free wish list maker so that gift recipients can express what they’d like, it’s just as valuable to gift buyers. If you’re working within a budget (which if you’re like me these days, you are), you can look to see where your money can be best spent on a gift for this person. Also, if you’ve got all your family and friends listed, you can also make your entire shopping list through the MyGiftster interface. You can reserve gifts (that way, no one else buys them for the person) and print it out in one simple, easy to read shopping list. How great is that!

And did I mention – this service is entirely FREE!

No fees, no membership, nothing. It’s not even tied to any one retailer, so you can literally put any wish you’d like on there. You can even ask your grandma for that super secret recipe you’ve always wanted. If there is a specialty item you know is only available at a certain store or site, you can give the gift shoppers information about where to find it. This is another great time saver when you’re budgeting your shopping time as well.

It’s easy for anyone in the family to use (even my own Mother whose palms get sweaty any time she’s in the room with a computer) and it’s specifically designed to be family friendly. You can trust that your childrens’ wish lists can only be viewed by those you accept into your family group.

Go to today and create your gift wish list. It’s quick, easy, fun, and it’s free. Create a group for your family and friends and invite them to make their wish lists, too, so they can help you make your holiday shopping much easier! - Free Online Gift Wish List Registry

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