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What do the colors of the American Flag mean?

June 14th is national flag day, celebrating the day the U.S. flag was adopted on June 14, 1777. Many Americans wave flags for memorial day, the fourth of July, or year-round. 

The American flag is a powerful symbol that can unite or divide. 

The original meaning of the American flag is a unifying symbol. The stars representing each of the 50 states and the stripes representing the original 13 colonies. The American flag was meant to be a symbol of freedom and equality, and dignity. 

According to gettysburgflag.com red is a color representing hardiness and valor, as well as courage and readiness to sacrifice. Blue represents justice for all. The color white stands for purity because we are in an independent country. America also has a goal to be pure and maintain its values as a nation.

It’s important to have heroes and symbols that remind us of our DNA as a nation so we don’t stray away from it. Symbols have the power to unify us. 

In an NPR interview of Americans on their view of the American flag, An Vu said he flies the flag at his home in Deerborn, MI.  Vu is a business analyst, the son of immigrants from Vietnam who first flew the U.S. flag when he was a kid after the terror attacks in 2001.

He said, “I hope that flying the flag can return to what we felt like after [Sept. 11]. The sense of unity, the way we’re able to grow together after that was really amazing.” 

As Memorial Day and Flag day are approaching, you can start conversations about the true meaning of the flag.

Use the American flag to unite others around the values that it stands for. 

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