Cause Corner

April 2021 Cause Awareness

It is April 2021 and there is a million and one things for you to care about and causes to work toward. To wrap it all up, there is a global pandemic going on. The booming of social media outlets has the beautiful ability to connect us across the world and also bring awareness to the seemingly never-ending list of things to donate to and support. 

There is hope, however. Little things add up. In honor of Earth Day this month here’s a environmental awareness statistic: 

 For instance, USA today reported research that states, “If everyone in America recycled just one plastic bottle, those materials could make more than 54 million T-shirts or about 6.5 million fleece jackets, according to Repreve data.”

One recycled water bottle can go a long way if properly recycled. In the same way, even if we can learn a little about the various causes of our day, it can make a big difference. Learning about the annual cause awareness days brings to light the causes to be conscious of each month so we are not inundated but rather informed. 

Here is what you should know about this April. 

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Hopefully you are not reading this while driving because it is Distracted Driving Awareness month. If you are one who is all about showing support for distraction free driving, check out the National Safety Council resources and how you can share this cause with those around you. We also have the Dnt Txt N Drv Bumper sticker in stock in the store along with the corresponding rubber wristband. 

National Infertility Awareness Week 

We just wrapped up National Fertility Awareness Week, but it is never too late to spread awareness. Even if it is not your story, you likely know someone where it is. Learn the stories or share yours with the National Infertility Association. We have a variety of products for you to wear your support on your sleeve, literally. With our pink and blue embroidered stick ons you can put them on your jean jacket, computer, or even your favorite pair of shoes. 

Autism Acceptance Month

This is one to be on your radar! The Autism Society has decided “to move from using “awareness” to “acceptance” this April to foster change and inclusivity for those affected by autism.” We have more people affected by autism than ever and we each can play a part to love them well. Read more on the Autism Society Website and if you are looking for products check out our full Autism Awareness Assortment. 

Now of course these are just three of the many causes to be aware of this month, so make sure to check out our April Awareness Calendar to see our full list. 

*Note: we update our pages as often as we can, but if you see a cause that is not represented that you believe should be, please email us, message us on facebook, or dm us on instagram.