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Celebrate Your Cancer Survivor on June 5th

June 5th is the 24th annual National Cancer Survivor Day which celebrates the lives lived past the diagnosis of a cancer. It’s a day to celebrate all that your loved on has gone through since hearing “you have cancer” and the life they’re living beyond the diagnosis.

It’s not just a day dedicated to one type of cancer, but all cancers, all 200 different diseases.  According to the American Cancer Society, more than one million people are diagnosed with cancer each year.  And the best news of all is that, because of early screening techniques, more and more people each day are surviving their cancers.

While each cancer type may have a differen color representing it (for example, breast cancer is pink, colon cancer is blue, pancreatic cancer is purple, etc.), cancer survivors are honored by the color purple, a special color that symolizes wisdom and dignity, something cancer survivors gain upon their journey.

Take some time out on June 5th to celebrate those in your life who are living past cancer.  Learn from them about early detection so if you one day find yourself getting a cancer diagnosis, you can draw from their wisdom and strength.

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Cancer Survivor Ribbon MagnetCancer “Survivor” Purple Ribbon Car Magnet


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