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Celebrating International Women’s Day

Since the early 1900’s, March 8th has been celebrated as International Women’s Day. It’s the day that women all over the world can take time to acknowledge the achievements of women of the past, present, and future. While women have made great strides in achieving social equality and equal rights, there are still parts of the world where improvements can be made.

Teal Ribbon Lapel PinOver the past 100+ years, women have worked to earn equal rights in their communities and the work place as well as other aspects such as voting.  Still, there are regions of the world where this work continues.

Whether your concern is for women around the world having equal rights to the men in their countries, encouraging education for women, or creating greater health awareness for women worldwide, today is a day to take the time and draw attention to your concerns and to celebrate how far we’ve really come.

Today, I think about all the women in my family who have come before me, those I’ve known and those whom I’ve not had the pleasure to meet.  I think about the lives they lived and how different things are for me.  I wasn’t made to marry per the arrangement of my parents.  I have conveniences in my life that they would have loved to have had in theirs.  And for the lives that they’ve lived to help me be who I am today, I am eternally greatful.

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