Get a colonoscopy!
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Colonoscopies Save Lives

Oh the colonoscopy. The word alone makes some people cringe. But this one screening can make, literally, a lifetime of difference for the person who has it.

Get a colonoscopy!Excluding skin cancer, colorectal cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in American men and women. While colonoscopies are not the most exciting way to spend a day, they are an effective way of finding colon cancer in its earliest stages as well as preventing cancer by removing polyps.

The general recommendation is that you have your colonoscopy at age 50.  However, if you have a family history of colon cancer or are considered to be at risk due to your medical history, you may need to have one sooner.  The American Cancer Society has a great explanation of colon cancer risk factors.  Regardless of your risk, everyone should have a conversation with their doctor about being screened.

The Mayo Clinic website has a great reference section here about colonoscopies, why they are done, and when it is recommended that you should talk to your doctor about scheduling yours.  Those whose lives have been touched in some way by colon cancer would agree that you should get your colonoscopy behind you.  They truly do save lives!

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