Cause Corner

Good Things Going On In May 2021

Fortune reports that 91% of all US news coverage is negative. Although there are a lot of legitimate problems in our world today, that is a lot to take in. 

So what are good things happening right now in May 2021? 

Here are just a few. 

According to Got Tree Quotes, there are 1,900,000,000 trees being planted this year. As you read that last sentence, 360 trees were planted, and this is happening all around the world! Turning off that light switch and requesting that composting service in your neighborhood is not done in vain. There is hope for our planet. 

Worldwide Cancer Research reported that 2020 was a breakthrough year for cancer research. 

There were a number of huge discoveries. New evidence shows that some cells can help cancer hide from the immune system. They started clinical trials for a new cancer vaccine that could start within three years. They also discovered some molecules on the surface of cancer cells that could be blocked to prevent them from spreading. Sometimes finding a cure for cancer seems impossible, but there is progress occurring. Continued fundraising and awareness can actually make a difference. 

The Human Trafficking Hotline saw a nearly 20 percent increase in the last few years in the number of victims and survivors who contacted them directly about their own situations. Often victims and survivors do not reach out directly which makes it incredibly difficult to arrest pimps and perpetrators. The human trafficking hotline is 1-888-373-7888. If you see something suspicious, call. You never know how what you witness could be necessary to help liberate those that are trafficked. 

Due to the stay-at-home orders, animal shelters are the emptiest they have ever been. According to a report from Shelter Animals Count, a nonprofit that collects stats on sheltered animals, shelter intake overall was down 24% in 2020. More people have adopted a furry friend than ever before. 

And these are just a few!

When almost all the news you get is negative, it can be paralyzing to get up and try to do anything to help. Our support seems insignificant, spreading awareness appears useless, and our few dollars do not seem like they can do much good. Yet, there is positive change happening and everyone is needed to see it continue. 

Keep shouting out about what you care about. Yes, there is real hurt happening in our world, but there is real hope too.