Many people hold hands in solidarity with ukrainian flags on their back
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How do I support Ukraine?

The weeks following February 24, 2022, left millions of people with the same question: How do I support Ukraine? Sometimes an individual can feel small when wanting to show support to a problem on the world stage. Yet, it is often forgotten that much of the change in history was made through lots and lots of individuals.

Many have started wearing blue and yellow, the colors of the Ukrainian flag, to show their support. Supportstore sold thousands of blue and yellow items to customers wanting to show support.

Wearing blue and yellow items is obviously not going to change anything, but the conversations that come from them can. Here are a few simple steps to take after buying your blue and yellow items to show your support.

1. Start dinner table conversations

History repeats itself, so they say. Understanding history is important as the leaders that we elect make big decisions like the ones that are being made right now. Informing your children around the dinner table is a first step in seeing generations come to appreciate history and understand the world they live in. There’s no need to explain every detail, but learn to simply articulate what is happening in world politics at a basic level.

2. Talk to a Ukrainian or Russian friend

If you live in the United States, chances are you know someone who is Russian or Ukrainian. Many have friends and family in both Russia and Ukraine who are being affected. Simple questions such as, “How are you? How are you processing all this?” can mean a lot and give you a more personal perspective that you can’t read in a newspaper.

3. Donate. Whether it’s big or small

The question remains: Where do I donate? How do I know my money is being used correctly? Talking to your Ukrainian friends is a great start, but you can also search on Charity Navigator to find top rated charities to donate to. Even a small donation can mean a lot in supporting refugees, getting medical care, and other needs of Ukrainians.

4. Wear your blue and yellow as a conversation starter

Wearing a blue and yellow wristband, charm bracelet, or ribbon is a simple way to start conversations among your family, friends, and others that you see on a day to day basis. Social media can be a powerful tool, but nothing is more powerful than in-person interactions. Share about where you donated, who you’ve talked to, how you’ve started dinner table conversations. Ask them if they’ve considered taking a step to support Ukraine. You may be surprised by the exponential impact of simply starting conversations as a means of change.

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