Breast Cancer Awareness
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It’s the 26th Pink October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

While many colors have multiple awarenesses associated with them, a pink ribbon is most associated with Breast Cancer Awareness.  October 2010 is the 26th anniversary of Breast Cancer Awareness Month where organizations around the country promote awareness, honor those who lost their battle, and celebrate the lives that have been saved.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Today, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, excluding skin cancers.  With that said, while many are fighting their cancer battle and may lose, more and more are winning each day because of the work done by so many to increase awareness, research new treatments, and develop new detection methods.

As with most cancers, early detection is key.  Depending on your age, monthly self breast exams, yearly doctor’s exams, yearly mammograms, and, in some cases when a doctor recommends it, MRI’s are all effective ways to detect potentially cancerous lumps.  No matter what your age, you should speak to your doctor about which method would be best for you.

Now some people may think I’m just speaking to women, but men, too, need to be aware of what to look for when it comes to breast cancer.  While occurring at a much lower rate, men account for about 1% of breast cancer cases.  If you don’t think it could happen to you, think again.  I have a friend who, at 10 years old, lost his father to breast cancer.  If you notice any changes to your breasts or, if you prefer, “pecs”, please do not hesitate to see your doctor.

I’ve known both breast cancer survivors and those who weren’t as fortunate.  I also have a very good friend who lost her mother when she was just 18 months old.  While we miss them, they are never forgotten.  This month, I will be thinking a lot about Frances, Jim, Judy and Lorraine, and I know their families will be, too.

I will also be thinking of the survivors I know: Bev, Ruth, Annie, and Pat.  Not only are they survivors, they’re the light of their family’s lives.

And finally, I think of Tricia and Julie, two women who are like sisters to me.  Because of their understanding of their family history, they know what to watch for, get their yearly mammograms, and thankfully, have been cancer-free.

For more information about breast cancer, please check out the National Breast Cancer Foundation or American Cancer Society websites.

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