Teal Food Allergy Awareness Wristband
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May 2020 Cause Awareness Schedule

Even though Covid-19 is getting our attention most days, we’re beginning the super-cause month of May ready to shout out what we care about. We do so with even more appreciation than ever for our first responders, doctors, nurses, and essential workers everywhere.

Popular May Cause Products

May is a super month for cause awarenesses. Here are a few of the most popular products from the causes being highlighted this month.

Teal Food Allergy Awareness Wristband



Food Allergy Awareness Wristband – Adult & Youth Sizes

Did you know that more than 32 million Americans live with food allergies? Show your support with our teal wristband. Available in

8″ adult and 7″ youth sizes.

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Skin Cancer Awareness UV Color Changing Wristband




Skin Cancer Awareness UV Color Changing Wristband

If purple, protect! A nice reminder to make sure that you apply sunscreen when outside to protect against skin cancer. Available in 8″ adult and 7″ youth sizes.

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cystic fibrosis awareness wristband




Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Purple Wristband

An estimated 70,000 people worldwide live with Cystic Fibrosis. Spread the word to help find a cure. Available in 8″ adult and 7″ youth sizes

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Spreading Joy with Instant Carma

While we all practice social distancing, we also continue to show our support for those we love and those we are thankful for during these trying times. Over the past few weeks, we’ve received some of the most amazing shout outs from people about how they’re using Instant Carma magnet sets during birthday parades and other special celebrations to lift the spirits of others. Here is one special shout out from Tracy in Buffalo, Ohio:

Flower Power Car Magnet Set

“I was very pleased with the product, ease of ordering, very fast shipping…overall a 10 star service if I could give it! This was better than described and fit my need spot on!! We had a parade for our individuals from our developmental disabilities workshop while on quarantine during the Pandemic. I put these all over my vehicle! It’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t taken them off yet! They make me so happy during this trying time!”




Spreading joy is easy with our selection of over 30 Instant Carma magnet sets!

Use them for drive-by parades, for decorating your garage or other metal surfaces, and bring smiles from all around.

And don’t forget to share your pictures with us! We’d love to share how you use your Instant Carma magnet set in our next newsletter. Submit your pictures and stories by clicking the “review this item” link found on the page for your Instant Carma item.


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Cancer Survivor Purple Awareness WristbandPlan Ahead for National Cancer Survivor’s Day

The National Cancer Institute defines a cancer survivor as “a person is considered to be a survivor from the time of diagnosis until the end of life.”

June 2 is National Cancer Survivors Day. Wear purple and celebrate the lives of more than 15.5 million cancer survivors in the U.S. as well as the millions worldwide.



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Redeem Your Cash for Causes Rewards During ALS Awareness Month

ALS Awareness Wristbands


May is ALS Awareness Month and supporters everywhere are wearing read to show others how much they care about this important cause.

Also referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease, ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. While there is currently no cure for ALS, doctors and researchers have found some treatments and therapies that may help to slow the progression of the disease. Still, for the 30,000 or so people living with ALS, the effects are life altering and debilitating.

Your SupportStore purchases not only help you shout out what you care about, but also allow you to collect Cash for Causes points that can be redeemed for donations to the ALS Association as well as other selected organizations.

Log on to your SupportStore account today to check your Cash for Causes points balance.

Autistm Awareness Puzzle Piece Car Magnet on TruckThis Month’s Shout Out

Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Car Magnet

Just Right for April. These magnets were just right for what we needed them for.  They were placed on our company trucks and roll-off dumpsters for the month of April. We were impressed with the quick delivery.

– Serafine Hauling LLC, Slippery Rock PA

We LOVE hearing from our customers and seeing how you use our wristbands, ribbon magnets, car magnet sets and more.
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 Upcoming Cause Awareness Calendar Events


May 2020 Cause Events

Allergy & Asthma Awareness Month

ALS Awareness Month

National Arthritis Awareness Month

Bladder Cancer Awareness Month

Buckle Up America Month

National Cancer Research Month

Clean Air Awareness Month

Crohn’s & Colitis Awareness Month

Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month

Food Allergy Action Month

National High Blood Pressure Education Month

Lupus Awareness Month

Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Melanoma Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month

Osteoporosis Prevention Month

Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Stroke Awareness Month

Brain Tumor Action Week

Neuropathy Awareness Month

Running & Fitness Week

Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Awareness Day (May 10)

Fibromyalgia Awareness Day (May 12)

Armed Forces Day (May 16)

Memorial Day (May 25)

Missing Children’s Day (May 25)



June 2020 Cause Events

Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month

National Aphasia Awareness Month

National Gun Violence Awareness Month

Men’s Health Awareness Month

National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month

Myasthenia Gravis Awareness Month

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Month

Scleroderma Awareness Month

National Scoliosis Awareness Month

World Club Foot Awareness Day (June 3)

World Environment Day (June 5)

National Gun Violence Awareness Day (June 5)

National Cancer Survivors Day (June 7)

World Blood Donor Day (June 14)

Flag Day (June 14)

World Sickle Cell Day (June 19)

HIV Testing Day (June 27)

National PTSD Awareness Day (June 27)