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One way to make a more memorable funeral

Flowers, thoughtful obituaries, and slideshows are all common ways to honor those we love at their funeral, but what else can be done? Time and time again, it’s the simple things that bring together those who attend and honor the person who was lost. Providing lapel pins, ribbons, or bracelets to those who attend is an easy way to do so.

Simple items bring a sense of Connectedness.

Offering teal grosgrain ribbons to be worn to bring awareness to prostate cancer, using a yellow “support our troops” magnet on the car for the procession, or simply wearing black lapel pins as the color for end-of-life ceremonies are all simple ways to use these small items to created connectedness. Many others have found these simple items to be quite meaningful.

Lucas from southern California shared his honest experience, “First off, for the price, I didn’t have great expectations. we just wanted 25 black pins for our family members to wear during a funeral service for our loved ones. not only did Support Store deliver within 3 days of my order (I was a little worried that they won’t arrive on time)- they delivered well ahead of the delivery time they promised–but the pins were very beautiful and well-made, every single one of them! Each pin is perfectly shiny, and the black and gold combination is wonderful. they looked great on the lapels and collars.”

Use awareness products to support their cause.

For those who were diagnosed with cancer or another disease, awareness items are a perfect fit to honor the one who has passed on and show support for the cause.

Jill from Minnesota bought some orange ribbon lapel pins and remarked, “The pins were a perfect size, of good quality, and just what I wanted. We used these to support kidney cancer at my Father’s funeral a couple of weeks ago. The family members that got one are able to continue to help support kidney cancer for others.”

Use awareness products to spread messages of hope.

Rubber bracelet wristbands have messages of hope to be worn by those who attend and can be worn well beyond the funeral to continue to spread awareness.

Sanette from Mississippi ordered Periwinkle rubber wristbands and shared her story, “The Periwinkle-Stomach Cancer Awareness bracelets were the one thing my cousin asked for family and friends to wear, as we laid her Mother (my Aunt) to rest that Sunday. I was determined to get them and to honor my Aunt.  In her battle with Stomach Cancer, my Aunt lived and demonstrated all of the words printed on the bracelets: Hope, Courage, and Faith!”

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