Women's Rights Awareness
Cause Corner

Oscars highlight several cause awarenesses

Awareness was a big part of the Academy Awards last night. It was great to see how many used their time to shout out what they cared about. Here were just a few.

Women's Rights AwarenessPatricia Arquette spoke about women’s rights and equal pay for women which comes in light of the Sony Pictures email leaks at the end of 2014.




Freedom of Expression Awareness John Legend & Common spoke about justice, civil rights and the importance of protecting our rights.  Common’s speech included a shout out to the French who experienced the terror threat to free speech last month.




Suicide AwarenessScreenplay Writer Graham Moore courageously spoke about suicide prevention and being proud of who you are.  Documentary Director Dana Perry also opened up in her acceptance speech about losing her son to suicide.  Their words are a great way to start the conversation about this important cause.



ALS AwarenessEddie Redmayne spoke about ALS and dedicated his award to all those living with the disease.  In the movie The Theory of Everything, Redmayne portrayed British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking who has lived with the slow-progressing disease since 1963.



Alzheimer's Disease AwarenessJulianne Moore spoke about Alzheimer’s Disease when accepting her Oscar for Best Actress in the movie Still Alice where she depicted a women with Alzheimer’s.



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