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There I was, sitting next to a newfound friend who just got a phone call from her husband. The tumor had increased. They guessed maybe he had a year left.


In those moments, what do you say? What do you do?


Then, I looked down at my wrist, remembering that I happened to be wearing a light blue band that was the awareness color for prostate cancer.

I quickly slipped it off my wrist, placing it on hers, the words hope, courage, faith boldly on display on her wrist.


She looked at me with a smile and tears in her eyes. At that moment, I realized that it was more than a wristband that I gave her. I was giving her my support, something to remind her to have hope and courage and faith each day. I had a physical thing to give her to represent the hope that I wanted to express. Sometimes we underestimate what a small act of support can mean for someone. We underestimate what one dollar donated can do, or what one rubber wristband could mean. These ribbons and rubber wristbands may be things, but they mean a lot more.


Support someone you love today.


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