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Remember Your Cell Phone Manners in July

They are everywhere – homes, the grocery store, the mall, movie theaters, restaurants. It’s the cell phone, and July is Cell Phone Courtesy Month.

It’s easy to forget about your surroundings when you talk or text on your cell phone outside the house. That doesn’t mean you can forget to be courteous of the people around you. With 91% of Americans with wireless phone access, many of whom use it more actively than a “just for emergencies” need, to some it may feel like they can’t get away from people not paying attention because they’re on the phone.

Businesses, doctors offices and even some states all over the country have instituted restrictions on cell phone use.  Every time I go into my doctors’ offices, there are signs asking to either not use your cell phones or silence them.  Even Chicago’s Metra train lines have just recently designated “quiet cars” on their trains for those who want to get away from the chatter of others (both in person and over the phone).

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to cell phones is the use of cell phones (both talking and texting) in cars.  In 2010, the National Safety Council noted that, out of the 1.4 million car accidents caused by cell phone use, 200,000 of those accidents were blamed on texting while driving.  This elevates the topic of cell phone courtesy to a real safety concern.

So the next time your cell phone rings or chimes with a text message in public, take a minute to mind your manners and think about how you taking the call or responding to the message will effects those around you.  And more importantly, spread awareness about always paying attention to your surroundings (especially when driving) to make sure your actions are as safe as possible.

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