Cause Corner

The most important thing to remember when fundraising

Chances are if you are passionate about a cause, you will be spending your time fundraising at some point. If you’re like me and you dread the thought of asking people for money, I have good news: fundraising can be fun.

Fundraising is not about the details.

Here’s the thing we often forget: the most important thing when fundraising isn’t necessarily the platform you use, carefully selecting your wording, or desperately asking people to share your Facebook post.

 It’s about learning how to tell your story. 

Today, there are so many causes to care about and a plethora of nonprofits and organizations people can put their money to. What will make them choose yours? You! 

What’s your story?

Are you a cancer survivor? Wife to someone who just got diagnosed? Activist against human trafficking? Or decorated veteran? 

Everyone has a story. How have the experiences in your life led you to care so deeply about your cause? 

Learning how to tell that story is the single most important thing you can do in fundraising. 

People will give when they are inspired not just by the good cause, but also by what you are doing about it. As human beings, we’re motivated by stories, intrigued by them, and inspired by them. We find shared humanity in stories.  

Rather than feeling like you need to constantly be asking for money, choose to share your story. Let people join you on the journey. Post a video from your training for the charity marathon, share information from the latest on cancer research that you’ve found, or write a blog post on your daily reflections. 

How do you celebrate 4th of July as a veteran? How do you compost if you’re someone who cares about the environment? What does daily life look like for you as a cancer survivor or if you’re someone in treatment? 

Fundraising no longer needs to be about nagging people to give money but joining you on a journey. 

Everyone wants to find meaning in life. By following your journey they get one step closer to finding their passion too. 

You are providing value to others by sharing how you make a difference in the world, and it’s unique. No one else has the exact same story as you. 

Yes, the practicals matter, but above all, find a way to tell your story and fundraising will be fun, no longer a fright.