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The power of a Supportstore wristband

A few months ago, Nicole sent in her story about how she used our wristbands. She explained, “My husband was diagnosed with cancer in April 2015. We were completely devastated and I knew that we would need a support system around us. So I purchased a large number of orange wristbands to give to family and friends. Whenever I get low, I make sure to restock. You will never catch us without one on!”

Wearing wristbands is a way loved ones can show support.

Nicole goes on to share how her wristband had even more meaning to her, “I had an orange bracelet on all throughout my husband’s journey. After he was in molecular remission, we said it was our faith and the bracelets that got him through because we never took them off. A client of mine had a goddaughter diagnosed with CML and something told me to pass on the blessing. I prayed over the bracelet and gave it to him. I told him to give it to her dad and never take it off. He wore it every single day until his daughter was in remission, then he passed it on to one of the parents of the children at the hospital. I’m definitely praying the bracelets continue to make their way around and bless others!”

A simple wristband can mean much more.

We are constantly reminded that the simple items we sell can mean so much more. When it seems there is little you can do to show support, sometimes something small can go a long way, just like Nicole’s wristband.