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Cause Corner

Here’s why awareness colors matter

According to the Online Psychology Degree Guide, you are more likely to remember something if it’s not in white and black. This explains why awareness colors have quickly become a universal way to quickly communicate support across the world.

It is easier to remember a cause with a color connected to it. 

As there are more and more causes coming about, colors are helping people bring memorable awareness and solidarity around each one. For example, if I mention Breast Cancer Awareness, you likely will think of the color pink on football helmets. Leukemia awareness will probably make you think of orange ribbons, and if I mention blood donor awareness, I bet you can guess which color that is: Red. You get the point. We do remember things better with colors associated with them. 

Second, it is a simple way to show solidarity. 

In the same way that a ribbon can become a simple symbol to show support, awareness colors are an easy way to communicate your support. Whether you are wearing a wristband or incorporating the color into your wardrobe, the simple act of support can mean a lot. Of course, there is a lot more support needed, but wearing an awareness color and starting conversations is the place to start. 

Almost every cause has an awareness color attributed to it. To find the color for your cause, visit this page on supportstore.com.