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Working on a New Year’s resolution? Get a Be Band to keep it!

The new year always brings about resolutions to do something different or better than we did the year before. In a 2005 survey, it was found that 8% of American successfully acheive their New Year’s resolutions and 45% fail by the end of January. What better way to remind yourself of the goal you’ve set and keep you focussed on it throughout the year than wearing a wristband.


BeBand Motivational Wristbands

Our BeBand Wristbands are a great way to help remind you of that New Year’s resolution so you’ll have a better chance of keeping it.  There are 11 different BeBand message choices to keep you motivated in 2011:

Don’t feel like advertising your resolution on your wrist?  How about making your Be Band into a key chain with our brand new LoopKit.  Each LoopKit comes as a 10-pack so if you have more than one resolution, you can make more than one key chain.

We wish you the best of luck with keeping your New Year’s resolution and hope that 2011 is a stellar year.

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Be Smoke Free Quit Smoking Wristband“Be Smoke Free” Rubber Bracelet Wristband – Adult 8″

Item# YSBBBSF001

We understand how difficult it can be to quit smoking. By wearing the “Be Smoke Free” Be Band, you are constantly reminded to not smoke. It is perfect for anyone who wants to stop smoking and live a healthier lifestyle.

Price: $0.79 to $2.50 each

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