What’s your cause’s ice bucket challenge?

If you’re anywhere on social media, you (or someone you know) has likely done the ice bucket challenge. Originally started as a way to challenge people to support their favorite charity, it has evolved into a fundraising phenomenon that has contributed over $41.8 million to the ALS Association. What a way to shout out what you care about!

So my challenge for all of you is this: what’s your cause’s ice bucket challenge?

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New autism statistics shows a rate of 1 in 68 children

April is Autism Awareness Month and organizations like Autism Society take this time to stress the importance of awareness and the need for continued research to find answers to this puzzling disorder. This past March, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new statistics showing a 30% increase in the number of autism cases. This changes the statistic from 1 in 88 to 1 in 68 American children.

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Customize car magnets, decals, wristbands & more

Add that special something to your school fundraising, marketing or cause related awareness event with custom magnets, decals, wristbands and more from SupportStore.

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